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Thank You to Our Sponsors!

We wish to thank each of our sponsors and patrons for generous support of the 2019 Taste of Greece.

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Thank you also to the following St. Mary’s parishioners for their generous support of this year’s Festival:

George & Sheri Demou  •  Michael & Dana Zoupas •  Steve & Popie Rakes and family •  Harry & Gail Youtsos

Anonymous •  Nick, Jan, Chris, and Shannon Kakos •  Darlene Manzavrakos •  Quirino & Helena Orlandi

Petroula Hansen • Fifi A. Kafkas •  John & Sylvia Kafkas •  Mary Kafkas •  Bob & Hope Kennedy •  John V. Pappas

Christine Ramirez •  Todd, Stacy, Nick, and Ashley Vucenich