• St. Mary's Boutique and Bookstore

    The St. Mary's boutique offers many Greek themed items, including music, clothing and decorative items. The bookstore has a wide assortment of Orthodox Christian reading material and icons for adults and children, and is located in the hall outside the Terrace Room.

  • Art by Stamos

    Stamos is a local Greek-American artist born and raised in Minneapolis, MN. He was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis at the age of 36 while he was working full time as a photographer and going to school to become a priest. While the diagnosis changed his plans, it also gave him the opportunity to discover that he had the ability to paint.

  • Bill's Imported Foods

    The Tirokomos family established Bill’s Imported Foods in the early 1980’s. It began with a truck and a garage; making round trips from Minneapolis to Chicago delivering food to Restaurants and Deli’s throughout Minnesota.

  • Bessie's Boutique

    Unique accessories and apparel.

  • Marilyn Jax

    A veteran senior government enforcement investigator for close to two decades, and a retired Certified Fraud Examiner (CFE), the author lives in Minnesota and the Caribbean and enjoys spending time in Miami and Montana. She is a twenty-four time national/international award winning mystery author.

  • Ya Ya B's

    YaYa’s (Grandma’s) secret seasoning has been enjoyed for generations. The Barbes family special mixture of old country spices create a unique flavor for a variety of foods. This American family of Greek descent proudly shares this tasteful pleasure.

  • The Greek Key

    Jewelry and belly dancing scarves.

  • Do Me A Favor

    Sterling silver and semi-precious stone jewelry, baby blankets, stefanothikes, purses, handmade religious ornaments.

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